JustDragIt 2 released and available on the Mac App Store

JustDragIt 2 is not just an upgrade from Version 1. It is rather a new app that replaces the previous, quite rudimentary version.

Almost everything has been rewritten and redesigned, the app uses the latest system frameworks, and runs on Apple Silicon Macs natively, of course.

With this new version the app has mutated from a real tiny utility app to a lightweight clipboard manager. For more information about this new version, see the app's product page...

Update June 26, 2024: Version 2.1 is out now.

Starting with version 2.1, JustDragIt provides library groups to organize clipboard content favorites, snippets, and the like. Library groups can receive data from...

  • the clipboard history,
  • another library group,
  • and even from outside the app just by dragging data to a library group.


Get JustDragIt 2.1 on the Mac App Store.


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