HSD Versions Cleaner V 2 has landed on the Mac App Store

and for those that have purchased version 1.x of the app, the upgrade is for free!



Opening current and old file versions

This new version allows users to open both current and old file versions directly from inside the app. This can be handy to compare the contents of old file versions or to copy&paste portions of an old file version into the appropriate current version, for instance.


Reverting current file versions to a certain previous file version

Starting with HSD Versions Cleaner V 2.0, the app can also be used to revert a current file version to a certain previous version of that file! If you have ever tried to use the means of the system to revert a current file version for which a huge amount of old file versions exists, you may know that this can lead to a never ending beachball. Use the HSD Versions Cleaner for that - it just does its job.


Support for iCloud Drive content

Starting with version 2.1 of the app, also the local copy of iCloud Drive content can be imported or it is no longer ignored if a complete user directory is imported.


Get HSD Versions Cleaner V 2.1 on the Mac App Store.


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